Harmony Hammond: Media

The Desert Is No Lady: Women Artists and Writers of the American Southwest.
Directed by Shelley Williams in collaboration with Susan Palmer. USA: Women Make Movies, 1995.
“Building Safe Havens”, In The Life, UCLA Film and Television Archive, April, 2001.
The Truth or Consequences of Delmas Howe, Barefoot Productions. 2004.
The Heretics. Directed by Joan Braderman. USA: Women Make Movies, 2009.
!Women Art Revolution! Directed by Lynn Hershman Leeson. USA: Zeitgeist Films, 2010.
Rebel Women: The Great Art Fight Back, 2018. BBC.
Harmony Hammond: Modern Art Notes, Interview with Tyler Greene. Episode 398. Podcast. 2019.
My Life in Art: Harmony Hammond with Holland Cotter, SITE Santa Fe, August 24, 2019.Video conversation can be viewed on Alexander Gray Associates and SITE Santa Fe websites.
with it which it as if it is meant to be, Part II, Directed by Eve Fowler. Film screened at Moran, Moran, Los Angeles and White Cube/Bermondsey, London, September, 2019.
Harmony Hammond, Video interview, 2019. Can be viewed on White Cube Bermondsey website.
Material Witness, Video interview , October, 2020 with Amy Smith-Stewart. Can be viewed on Aldrich Museum, Sarasota Museum of Art and Alexander Gray Associates websites.
Harmony Hammond: Crossings, Video, November, 2020, Exhibition walk-thru with the artist can be viewed in Viewing Rooms on the Alexander Gray Associates website.
Galisteo, New Mexico: Balancing Community, Traditions and Growth, produced by La Sala de Galisteo Arts Center, 2021. Created by UNM film students. Available on Vimeo.
Harmony Hammond, video interview with Elvan Zabunyan, as part of “Women in Abstraction” symposium, Centre Pompidou, May, 2021. Can be viewed on Centre Pompidou and AWARE websites.

RE: Harmony Hammond, Video interview with Jarrett Earnest, August 3, 2021. National Academy of Design, NYC. Can be viewed on Academy website.